Sunday, May 30, 2010

What’s the word in Fijian for love? PIZZA!!!

Bula! So this past week has been a bit crazy. I moved in with my host family. I have a mom, sister (18), two brothers (24 and 26), a cat named Laisa, and a dog named Boy. They have all been absolutely wonderful to me! I have my own room andddd my own bathroom (that’s a really big deal in Fiji). I live in a nice little house in the center of the village. We have treated water in our village (also a big deal) and electricity. Most recent exciting news… my village has free wireless Internet in our provincial office area! Quite ironic since most people do not have laptops here, nonetheless I am excited about it as well is my host sister who looks forward to checking her facebook more often. Prior to this revelation I had to go pay for Internet at an Internet café… its pretty cheap to do but a little more a of a hassle.

So Fiji is kind of a tricky county when it comes to the whole language thing. To anyone who knew me through high school Spanish… they would be able to vouch that language is not my forte. But here you would think I would have to figure out how to speak for my survival… however there is a catch… most people can speak English and some better than me! If fact, my sister just took a test on Hamlet last week… I barely understand Shakespeare sometimes and English it’s my first language! Nonetheless my language adventure continues. This brings me to my title… I was asking one of my brothers one night at dinner what the word for love was… his response was “pizza!” hahaha good times in the house. My brothers did not let me forget how the family dynamic works. From the moment I arrived, I was immediately treated as another little sister. They watch out watch out for my safety however I am constantly the subject of harmless sibling teasing. Me speaking in Fijian sounds like when a child is learning how to say the Pledge of Allegiance… “I pwedge aweegance to da flag of de United States of ‘merica, and tuuu de repubwic…. “ You get the point. Everything I say is just a little off from what is actually supposed to sound like. I think I am improving a little bit each day(at least I hope I am).

My na (mom in Fijian) is my new social life coordinator. No blackberry or facebook necessary. Every Saturday night we have a huge gathering for the 4 PCTs and their host families at one of our houses. From the looks of the first one we had, it seemed like the whole village stopped by our house at some point. Last Saturday was curry night (the Indian influence is HUGE here). We had a huge dinner followed by lots of singing and dancing. My dancing (its more like a lack of dancing… I have no rhythm or really any moves) is perfectly acceptable here. In fact they told me I am a great dancer. Looking back now they could have been joking but eh, oh well. Speaking of compliments a new one I am getting used to is “uro levu!” To Fijians it’s a great compliment and means you’re hot… in English it translates to “you’re fat!” Oh yeah… talk about motivation to try to stay healthy. In general many Fijians like their women bigger because it simply means to them that you’re eating well and are therefore healthy. Everyday my na yells at me (in a loving way) because I don’t eat enough. I can only eat so many carbs… love me some bread, potatoes, kasava, and rice… but goodness I have a limit. Okay well that is all for now. Moce!!! (it means goodbye and is pronounced “moth-A”)


  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud on the "you're fat" compliment! That's hilarious!

    I had no idea they'd know what Facebook is! That's cool your sis has one. =) I like the family dynamic... Must be interesting not being the oldest anymore!

    I'm so happy you've got the hooooook uppppp with bedroom/bathroom/internet!! =) =)

    Great update! Keep 'em coming! Love you and miss you!

  2. hahah...i can only imagine the many jokes made about your non rhythmic dancing skills! haha

    Your host family sounds awesome and I hope they keep picking on you!
    Yes the "you're fat" comment is the best thing I have ever heard. Love it!
    miss you and love you!

  3. Keith said he's going to start saying "uro levu!” to me every morning.

  4. I miss your dancing! I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time :)

  5. I enjoyed the fact that you coninuously stated you have poor english. This made me noticec grammar errors :) I meesh you!!

  6. megannn
    i dont have a facebook so i guess i figured out how to "follow" this blog twitter style.. sounds like a blast so far

    i miss you veryyyyy much

  7. Carb heavy diet and a love for hearty-eating women? I'm on the next flight.