Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Address

Some people have asked and yes I have a new address. Here it is! Miss y'all!

PO Box 4166
Lautoka, Fiji Islands

Friday, July 16, 2010

Big News....

Bula y’all. I know its been a while... sorry. SO. Big things have been happening.

1. I passed my language test… woo hoo! I was worried there for a bit. Fijian= not easy. There are a lot of vowels and a lot of words that just have the word vaka in front of it. Oh and “c”= th, “b”= mb, “d”= nd, “q”= g, “g”=ng.

2. I’m officially a Peace Corps Volunteer. Woo Hoo! I was sworn last week and moved straight to my new home in… da da da da daaaa…

3…. Lautoka! Lautoka is a city (one of two in Fiji) on Vitu Levu. It’s beautiful here… we’re located in between the ocean and foothills of the mountains. Seriously, it’s amazing! Oh also Lautoka is home to the only lap pool in Fiji and one of the two movie theaters… yep I totally saw Eclipse last week. Robert Pattininson is still hot in Fiji. I live in a really nice flat with another awesome volunteer that has a deck that overlooks the mountains. It’s a bit different for us than it is for most Fijian PCVs. I am a Fijian version of city girl. We don’t live in a village so we don’t have a chief or Turange ni Koro (like a mayor) or in general as many cultural rules to follow (don’t get me wrong we still have a bunch living in the city). I will definitely miss living in my village in Rewa but I’m also super excited to be living in the city.

So yeah, life is pretty sweet. I’m missing the rest of the FRE 8s a bunch right now but we have a conference in October where we will all be reunited. Ah leaving friends three times in 3 months is brutal! First college friends, then family/roommates/friends from home/people I have known forever, then new Fiji friends. Ah!!!! Don't get me wrong, I am doing fabulous, but man this can be exhausting.