Friday, May 14, 2010

So I finally got a blog...

Okay so here's a brief rundown on my Peace Corps experience thus far. I applied and was interviewed at UF in the end of November. Fortunately I made it through the interview however there were not any health type programs available for me to be nominated for. So I was hoping at earliest, to be nominated to a program that might happen in Africa that might be leaving in December 2010. Still following? Basically I spent my days crossing my fingers.

Now it is late February. I was just starting to come to terms with graduation and realized that I needed some sort of post grad plan. After a quick visit on campus to research internships I ran into the PC recruiter, Amy who asked me "How would you feel leaving in May?" I was so excited/shocked/surprised so it's all blurry now but I think at some point I said yes. I was then nominated for a Health Extension program in Sub Saharan Africa. So after pushing through all my medical paperwork in 2 weeks I was now again crossing my fingers, hoping for an invitation. (Thanks to my roommates for putting up with me. I'm pretty sure I was a crazy ball of stress for a few weeks.)

Now from the title of my blog most of you will realize that Sub Saharan Africa is not a little island. The date is May 24th. I was working at health fair for my internship at the American Cancer Society. My poor phone was on the fritz and I could not answer or call anyone but I could see who was calling. I received a phone call from an unknown number with a 202 area code... AH thats Washington DC!! So cool, this number is calling me... I can't answer it... its leaving a voicemail... and I am trying to work. After a twenty minutes of tampering with it, I did get the #1 (the voicemail number) to work. It was a message from someone in the PC placement office asking me to call her back. So to make a long story a little bit shorter, basically she asked me if I would like to be apart of a Health Promotion program in the Pacific Islands. Ummmmm? YES! So two days later I received my invitation to Fiji!

So the countdown has made it to 1 day. Ahhh. Tomorrow my adventure begins starting in Los Angeles with an orientation and then on to FIJI. Once in Fiji my address will be:
Megan Benson, PCV
Peace Corps/Fiji
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji Islands
South Pacific

According to the information we have received "It is recommended that packages be sent in padded envelopes if possible, as boxes tend to be taxed and opened more frequently."

Thats all for now. Look for updates from Fiji!


  1. I am so excited for you. And also a little jealous because you have had a blog for a day and have more followers than me (most of which are our mutual friends...thanks guys). I LOVE YOU!

  2. Boxes are opened often?? They better not lose anything I send you! I love love love you and will pray for you alllll the time! <3 <3 You're going to be amazing!

  3. my little benjamin! you will be in my prayers daily! I love you so so much!!! hope you have happy, safe travels and let us know when you are safe and sound in Fiji!!!!!

  4. Megan,

    Your momma misses you, however, I am so, so proud!